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Getting "X" organization/business to accept Monero

As more and more of society begins to accept BTC and other cryptocurrencies as a payment and donation method, XMR's adoption is lagging. I hate using VISA/Paypal etc. for everyday transactions, ESPECIALLY for donations to causes that I believe in. At this point, I self censor monetarily unless I can donate in cash. Society is in desperate need of Monero, private electronic cash. Every week there are posts asking when "X" will accept Monero. So the question is, how do we get these organizations/companies/businesses to accept Monero? Do we really just keep emailing them individually and bugging them about it? Is there any sort of Community Crowdfunding System proposal someone can put together? Any concrete steps at all? Is this a job for Monero Outreach? Only idea I can think of is a CCS that offers a bounty to be paid out to "X" when "X" begins to accept Monero, but there are many issues with that idea.
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