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XMR · 1w updated: New blog posts, improved accessibility, new FAQ, multiple updates and much more

I'm rethinking the structure of these updates. For now i moved new merchants to a dedicated section, to give them more visibility. If you have suggestions, please let me know. ## Updates to Getmonero These are the major changes to []( since [my last update]( - New [blog post announcing October's network upgrade]( - [#1140]( - [New blog post announcing Triptych's acceptance for presentation and publication]( - [#1153]( - New blog post ['A note on scheduled protocol upgrades']( - [#1170]( - Added new FAQ entry ['Can I manually import the blockchain?']( - [#1163]( - I reviewed the entire website and fixed all accessibility issues I found. Now should be easier to use for visually impaired users. If you find more accessibility issues, please let us know - [#1169]( - Restyled the ['Mobile & Light Wallets']( section of the Merchants page. Now it shows the platforms supported by the wallet and a link to the source code - [#1150]( - Updated and refreshed the ['Sponsorships']( page. Now we list only active sponsors and we added details about what is being sponsored - [#1174]( - The section 'Libraries and Helpers' was r...
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