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XMR · 1w updated: Improved Hangouts page, initial cleanup of the Merchants page, preparations for deployment on the Tor network, new merchants and more

Some updates went live on These are the major changes since [my last update]( - We started to clean up the [*Merchants* page](, which currently host a list of businesses accepting payments in Monero. Some changes are already live ([!1188](, but a complete cleanup, which removes all obsolete links, is waiting to be merged ([!1194]( - Added 6 new merchants to the *Merchants* page - [!1186]( - Updated *Hangouts* page. The links to the Stack Exchange questions were outdated and out of place, we removed them and then slightly changed the style of the page - [!1196]( - Added new menu entry *Press Kit* under the *Resources* menu and added marketing material to the press-kit page - [!1178]( - We are getting the website ready to host an onion mirror, which will allow Tor browser users to visit Getmonero without touching clearnet. At the moment fluffypony is running the vanity address service, in order to get us a cool onion address instead of a bunch of random letters. The onion mirror should be deployed at the end of this month - [#958]( - Updated dev guide for the Wallet RPC - [!1183]( - Added GitLab CI ([!1182]( This was problematic, because we soon realized Gitlab doesn't give the possibility to test Merge Requests (Pull requests i...
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