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XMR · 18w updated: 1 new language, logs of the meetings, new merchants, 1 new payment gateaway and more

## What's new Some updates to the website just went live, i thought would be good to give a small summary of the changes: - 1 new language: Traditional Chinese. Check it out [on the website]( Thanks to Lafudoci for the amazing job - MR [!1073]( - Logs of the [meetings]( up to2019-07-28 (community, dev, research lab, tini2p) uploaded. Thanks el00ruobuob. - 7 new merchants have been added to the [list of the business accepting Monero]( + 1 pyament gateaway: [CryptAPI]( - added with [!1093]( - The [merchants page]( now have quick links pointing to the different categories in the page. This will make navigation easier. - MR [!1092]( - The CLSAG paper of the Research lab has been updated. - MR [!1099]( - updated *Mine to Pool* user guide - MR [!1101]( - Partially updated dev guides - [!965](, [!1095]( - The readme of the repo has been refactored and trimmed - [!1091]( - minor fixes for the complete changelog, see the [commit list]( ## Now it's easier to contribute to the development of the website Go to Monero's gitlab (
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