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XMR · 206w Update: Open a store, list your products! (Sales not yet possible)

****   We're done (mostly*) with the first milestone. At this point, the site allows sellers to get setup **but sales and payment is not operational.**   **Open a store here:**   Sales should be possible in approximately one month. :)   If you are a seller or have anything to sell: **please join, open a store and get your products listed.**   When joining, please understand that **we will only be paying sellers in Monero** regardless of how the customer paid.   **We'd love feedback as we know it is still going to be a bit buggy.**   Every product and service is welcome, **so long as it is legal.**   Due to our unique payment processing strategy, is happy to work with those who are under served in the payment processing world, such those who offer these goods and services: 1. Penetration testing services. 2. Ethnobotanicals such as Spore prints, Kratom, Salvia and CBD Oil. 3. Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, Cash, Backpage Credits, etc 4. Escort, Massage, Sex Toys, Webcam, Website Subscriptions & Other Adult 18+ material 5. Vaporizors, Tobaccabo pipes & bongs 6. Art.   Again, all items must be legal, and we will be limiting sales of items in jurisdictions of where they are illegal or regulated in such a way that it prevents us from serving those who are selling such goods and services.   I would really like to emphasize that selling the common and mundane is extremely desired/welcomed as well. If you want to sell USB thumbdrives, potato chips, or GPU Mining rigs, have at it!   **Donate: 423c1FAdzQKPQRZEnsK84vSff7M8hCZoR16dvBkzFev3PwEDpLhgneHYyscUgmyVtyXyjMgLjhpGiePKZks16iN95UwXUKk**   While we did raise 20 XMR, we still really want donations, money is very tight. They will help us significantly. If you are interested in donating to us, investing or involving yourself with this s...
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