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Funding Required: - Vespco's Monero Marketplace.

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TL;DR: The Marketplace software will be integrated with & Kraken's APIs for price and trading to make a Monero centric marketplace.

All code related to Monero will be released under an open source license. 


WHAT IS IT? is a marketplace that only pays sellers and affiliates with Monero but accepts many payment methods. will accept most cryptocurrencies, wire transfers, and cash and checks by mail. GeoCrypto allows for the sales of goods and services and the local exchange of cash for Monero.  GeoCrypto allows users to opt for price fluctuation protection. If they opt in, this will be achieved by buying & selling a parallel amount of Monero at the time of transaction.  UTILITY Accept all cryptocurrencies, money order, check and cash by mail but will only pay sellers in Monero.  Sell goods, services and act as a "localbitcoins" for Monero. (again, any cryptocurrencies can be used but payout will be in Monero only).  Provide a global on ramp for individuals in countries without robust payment processors.  Facilitate value transfer in markets that payment processors restrict, such as the adult content (erotica, toys), herbal products (kratom, salvia, spore syringes).  Aspects relating to cryptocurrency integration, when possible, will be released as open source. This will include any API stuff related to shapeshift, exchanges, and monero integrations. 

Please note that the actual existing marketplace software will not be open sourced at this time but it is an option we're exploring. 

HOW Vespco marketplace software. See demo:  Shifty button + serhacks Monero integration makes this easy  Integrating account back-end to work with exchanges for protecting price fluxuations and to pay 

Currently the softw...

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