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[Funding Required] Bulletproofs+ Audit for Monero

Bulletproofs+ Audit for Monero Suyash Bagad 22 December 2020 90.3 XMR 11 contributors Completed 0 of 1 milestones Proposal Overview Hello everyone! This CCS proposal is for the audit of the Bulletproofs+ implementation for range proofs in Monero. Bulletproofs+ is a more efficient range proof protocol building on Bulletproofs. Bulletproofs+ for Monero has been implemented by Dr. Sarang Noether as per this proposal. Bulletproofs+ offers at least 5% proof size reduction and 5-10% speedup in verification. Refer to our blogs for in-depth technical differences between Bulletproofs and Bulletproofs+. Scope We aim to perform a cryptographic and security assessment of the Bulletproof+ (referred to as BP+ hereafter) protocol specific to the Monero blockchain. Our goal is to establish the readiness of a specific C++ implementation of BP+ as a drop in replacement to the existing range ...
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