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Let's get Mooo finally funded for the next couple of months, just imagine what Monero would look like without his contributions!


I've been delaying this CCS because I'm going to have unknown time to work on Monero for the foreseeable future, so I wasn't sure what to do. I've decided that the best is to continue as if normal, but the "months" may end up taking more than a month, depending on how much time I spend on Monero. I cannot predict in advance how much of my time will be spent on it. It may well be that I'll end up with full time on Monero, but there's no guarantee of this at all. So, with this caveat clear to all, I apply for funding for the next three months' worth of work, to cover November to January at least, and probably ending somewhat later than that. I'll still post monthly updates along with how much time I put for that month.

Here's the link to my previous three months:

I have no particular things I'm planning to be working on as a definite, though I hope that CLSAG will be one of them, if the audits get done. Dandelion was picked up by vtnerd. The new pay for service system could need some more work. Otherwise it'll be whatever pops up at the time.

As usual, the target rate is $30 + 0.2 monero per hour, so with Monero currently at $53.63, we get 395 monero.


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