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From the creators of LocalMonero: AgoraDesk! An unprecedented Local* (i.e. P2P OTC) exchange for trading not only Monero and Bitcoin but also physically settled XMR- and BTC-based option contracts! This is the first exchange of its kind. Trade XMR and BTC options as you'd trade XMR on LocalMonero!

##Introducing [AgoraDesk]( We've been working on this one for quite some time now, but we're *very* excited to present you guys with [AgoraDesk](, which, in addition to being essentially an alternative [LocalMonero]( front-end which adds Bitcoin to the platform, also happens to be **the world's first P2P OTC cryptocurrency options exchange.** With *physical settlement*, no less. And straight out of the gate we support both XMR- and BTC-based contracts. ###Features AgoraDesk's features include everything you expect from LocalMonero and more: * No KYC/AML or verification (though some traders on the platform might ask you for verification themselves); * Any currency, any payment method, anywhere; * Cash and online Monero trading (just like LocalMonero); * Cash and online Bitcoin trading (just like the other Local* sites); * Monero options trading (calls & puts); * Bitcoin options trading (calls & puts); * Options are settled *physically* (i.e. with the underlying BTC or XMR); * Call options support both gross settlement and net settlement; * Accounts, reputation and XMR ads/trades are completely shared with LocalMonero; * [Onion portal](http://agoradeska6jfxpf.onion/); * [I2P portal](http://agoradesk.i2p); * [No-JavaScript version of the site]( (loads by default when accessing from Tor or I2P); * Fully functional when Google is blocked by your browser; * [Affiliate program]( - earn commission for inviting trading users; * Multilingual: we support English, Russian, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Italian, Portuguese and Spanish; * Mobile notifications through telegram, so that you won't have to install yet another app on your phone just to get push notifications about your trades; * Beautiful ads through the use of Markdown; * 2FA (with TOTP apps like Google Authenticator or andOTP); * Withdrawal transaction priority for M...
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