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Follow these Steps & you ll get infinity Xmr coins with noone Boeing able to look what you just did....Easy as 1-2-3....

First you create a wallet (don't forget to protect and write down your Seed) on so called "Decentralized exchange "Waves"" Now click "Wallet" link, you will see around 30 different coins mostly smart contrats but in Middle of it you can deposit "Litecoin" "Bitcoin" "BCH" "Dash" "Usdt" "UsdN" "Monero" "Zcash" Feel free to deposit( or buy bitcoin with credit card )for low fee Litecoin or Zcash. Once confirmed go up to wallet link>Spot trading Spot trade Litecoin for Usdt after Spot trade Usdt for Monero and you are all done. Just copy/pasta XMR external address & click "Withdraw" after 10-15 minutes Xmr will be confirmed in address you paste... Weldone totally anonymous Xmr purchase...
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