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Farcaster: Community update May

Please find below the monthly update from the community funded workgroup on Bitcoin-Monero atomic swaps. ## Node and library implementation Our current work focuses on the internal wallet of the swapping node (the walletd daemon) that isolates the secret key from the rest of the stack, the generic library that supports the swaps and its cryptographic primitives, and the interactions with the Bitcoin and Monero blockchains (what we call the syncers). We also made some improvements to the RFCs to keep them updated with the codebase. ## Farcaster overview talk in Zürich We recently held a talk in Zürich that gave an overview of the Farcaster protocol and the motivation for swaps between Bitcoin and Monero in particular, see [here]( for the slides. The audience was primarily from a Bitcoin background, and we received positive feedback from this very inquisitive audience, and enjoyed our interactions with the participants greatly! ## Taproot Speedy Trial BIP9 and Speedy Trial is a softfork deployment method where the miners and mining pools help to coordinate the deployment of a softfork. They do so by signaling for deployment of the softfork in their mined blocks. To lock the softfork in for activation, 90% of the blocks have to signal. The signaling method works in periods of 2016 blocks, meaning that within a 2016 block period, 90%, or 1815 of the 2016 blocks have to signal for readiness. Do note that it's not necessarily over if one period does not succeed to reach 90%, it just means that we will have to wait until the next period (Speedy Trial ends in August). The current period started on Sunday (2021-05-30 03:18) and has a current signaling ratio of 98.05%, which indicates that signaling has a high probability to succeed at the end of this period, in just short of two weeks. If the 90% readiness signaling threshold is achieved for a period, then full nodes ...
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