EliteWallet - free and open-source multicurrency wallet for IOS and Android


EliteWallet - Android and IOS Wallet that respects your privacy

The goal of EliteWallet is to provide a mobile wallet (Desktop coming soon) that is simple and easy to use while preserving the highest level of user privacy.

You can use EliteWallet to store your Monero, Wownero, Litecoin and Bitcoin.

This wallet is the ideal choice for those who are just starting out with Monero, as well as for experienced users who value privacy.

There are three different levels of anonymity that users can choose from, depending on their privacy preferences. This allows users to have full control over their privacy settings.


  • Support for socks5 proxies enables users to connect to tor/i2p/loki network proxies without fear of IP leaks. This makes EliteWallet the first mobile Monero wallet to support this functionality.

  • Serverless wallet / No EliteWallet servers / Nothing to subpoena / High privacy

  • We replaced a centralized and non-privacy friendly fiat API price calls with Coingecko website to fetch fiat prices of cryptocurrencies. The Coingecko API is used by millions of people every minute, making it almost impossible to target your IP/request (It is also possible to use exchange rates).

  • By removing centralized nodes and replacing them with a list of trusted community nodes, it becomes much harder for your wallet usage to be tracked.

The proxy feature provides an additional layer of security by hiding the user's IP when connecting to the remote node. In this way, the user's identity is hidden from the remote node. Our/your in-built proxy can be used to hide the IP.

  • Our proxy (proxy.elitewallet.sc) is an advanced, 3-hop proxy based on the approach used by Tor. This proxy is designed to work with remote nodes and make connections only to specific remote ports.The proxy is hosted in a way that makes it highly resistant to discovery and guarantees that your IP won't be discovered 99% of the time, regardless of your threat model.

  • The exchange feature of a wallet supports the Tor network and allows users to quickly and easily exchange cryptocurrencies without having to go through a KYC process.In the coming months, we will be adding more exchanges that offer high privacy and require no KYC. If you have a particular exchange in mind that you would like to see added, please let us know.

  • Our wallet is built with a reproducible codebase, meaning the code is not hidden and doesn't contain any hidden API keys. The source code can be used to compile the application on your own.

We believe in full transparency and giving back to the eco-system.

Many thanks to Monero Project, Wownero Project, Litecoin Foundation, Bitcoin Foundation and Cake Technologies for their excellent work on this code to date.