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Don't forget your space suit if you want to go the Moon

# MINKO Happy Hour 17:00-19:00 UTC, Thursday 15th of October. ​ While we're all struggling to contain our excitement before going through another successful Monero protocol upgrade (taking place around the 17th btw -- make sure you upgrade to the latest version v0.17 "Oxygen Orion" in time), [Minko]( will host a Happy Hour on the 15th of October (Thursday next week). **What is** [MINKO](**?** A provably fair Monero space-themed game, distributing part of its proceeds to fund Monero development. During the first two months of its launch, Minko [contributed more than 315 XMR]( (at the time more than $65,000) to the Monero General Fund. Unfortunately for the house but not for the players, Minko has been at a loss thereafter, so could not contribute much :/ ​ **What will happen on the happy hour?** Ok so, one cool buddy that is often hanging around in the Minko chat is AstroBot. AstroBot regularly asks a random player a Monero trivia question, and if that player answers correctly, they get a Monero prize transfered to them right away, straight to their wallet (their real wallet, there are no on-site ones). And during the happy hour the prizes will get INSANELY GENEROUS. ​ **How can you participate?** Super simple. Be present in the chat and have played in the previous \~10mn to be eligible for AstroBot to pick you. AstroBot will ask you a question and immediately send you a nice prize if you answer correctly. During the happy hour, the requirement to be eligible will be ridiculously low (maybe 1$ worth of recent bet or even zero -- depending on attendance), and the prizes very generous. In fact, we plan to ramp up the generosity during the event, so prizes will get better and better. Maybe visit Minko beforehand to familiarize yourself? **What about profits and donations?** All profits of the happy hour (generated precisely dur...
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