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Do you speak Brazilian Portuguese? Some documents waiting to be added to Getmonero need to be reviewed!

A contributor translated two user guides and one [Moneropedia]( entry into Brazilian Portuguese, but, as for our reviewing process, we need a native speaker to take a look and review the new strings before adding them to the website. These are the Merge Requests containing the changes: - ['Prove Payment' user guide]( - ['Verify binaries on Linux, Mac, or Windows command line' user guide]( - ['Fungibility' Moneropedia entry]( The only requirement necessary to review these documents is a good knowledge of both English and Brazilian Portuguese. The review process work as follow: 1. If you don't have one, create an account on Monero's GitLab: 2. Click on the links above 3. At the top, under the title of the Merge Request, you'll see 4 entries. Click on *Changes*. This page will show what the author of the merge request wants to change. The red lines are the strings being changed, the green lines are the new strings (which substitute the correspondent red strings). 4. Take a look at the changes, if you see something you think should be changed or that was translated incorrectly, just hover with your mouse on the string. You will see a square speech bubble similar to [this]( Click on it and leave your comment. It will appear on the correct string and will make easier for the author to apply your suggestions, or to discuss the change, if necessary. That's it. If you need help or more info, please comment here, PM me or join the chat we use to coordinate the development of the website: `#mone...
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