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Dispute regarding and issue on merchant listing

On 7 Jan 2021 someone (person A) approached me complaining not receiving any USDT (ERC 20) of equivalent in [exchange]( for 30.1 XMR using []( website which in listed (as of writing) in []( list of merchant. After around 20 or so email communication (as claimed) by A with []( support, they [claimed]( ([source 2]( that the corresponding XMR address does not belong to their service, as well as the transaction never happened. I am but a person of no interest in any side, and person A after going through the dispute decided to gave up the 30.1 XMR for his own reason, in which i insist of reporting for exposure through reddit, and thus representing him, but not directly in the interest of person A. The [transaction]( in question. Person A said that the transaction receipt was disabled/disappear after hours upon transaction in which he doesn't have a screenshot for. Also noted that the [minimum required amount]( is 7 XMR for a single transaction. ​ Disregarding the dispute, I later found out that there isn't much communication method with []( other than their email. Moreover, their website isn't even [SSL encrypted]( as of writing, and they were only [approved for listing]( recently. With that I raise the question of the procedure as well the the thrust factor regarding []( services/exchange listing, since in the sphere of c...
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XMR -8.20% 16h

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