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Dedicated Monero Hardware Wallet [Funding Required]

Version: 1.0 Date: 15 September 2017 Name: RFC-HWALLET-1 Author: Michael Schloh von Bennewitz Contact: [email protected] IRC-contacts: msvb-lab, msvb-mob Title: Dedicated Monero Hardware Wallet Related to: RFC-HWALLET-2, RFC-HWALLET-3, RFC-HWALLET-4 Location: Crosslink: Crosslink: Crosslink: Get Monero Hardware Wallets

It's time for the Monero community to come together and realize the goal of a hardware wallet!


The status of this proposal is:


Change Log

In reverse cron order.

20170915 Publish version 1.0 Added sketchy RF integration Explained schedule of procurement Clarified work to reverse engineer Mentioned possible Shmoocon promotion Removed nonhardware based requirements Detailed role of microscopy in workflow Included more secure element details Zero sum corrected budget for lab Added plan column for FFS release 20170913 Publish version 0.9 Added copyright statement Added airgap feature option Clarified choice of License Slight changes to the budget Slight changes to requirements Added related project content New Defunding Option section New Proposal Ownership section New Legal Summary section New requested Intention section Documented outreach to Gemalto Emphasized hardware focus and license 20170912 Publish version 0.8 Nonfunctional Requirements additions Requirements 'note' reminder ...
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