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Current I2P solution has nothing to do with Kovri, which is dead, accurate?

Hello, just trying to catch up Would you consider the following things accurate? 1. Kovri is dead. 2. The I2P daemon and Monero/Kovri/I2P community drama is completely over. 3. The current I2P solution for Monero is I2P Zero. 4. I2P Zero will be built into the Monero Daemon/GUI, fulfilling the promise of routing transactions over I2P as much as Kovri was 5. I2P Zero has nothing to do with the successor project that the Kovri developer went off to work on 6. Monero 0.15 will have I2P Zero in it, and choose it as default for sending transactions instead of clearnet. While also providing the user with the choice of routing transactions over clearnet or through a built in TOR implementation. Please elaborate by specific number, and if you can also let me know what the source of truth is for the most accurate version of reality and roadmap.
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