CryptoPost: Buy Print-At-Home Shipping Labels With Monero.


Sup guys. We run

CryptoPost allows you to buy shipping labels from popular carriers like DHL and USPS, and pay using Monero.

This means that, for the first time, merchants can now transact end-to-end in Monero. From the point of sale, through to order fulfilment.

We've just added the ability to upload bulk orders, and we're adding more carriers, cryptocurrencies and regions as we grow.


  • We collect only the information it takes to get your package from A to B, and we wipe our servers every 7 days. The reason we don't wipe more regularly is so we can issue refunds as needed.

  • USPS requires both a TO and FROM address. If you don't care about your parcel being returned to you in the event it is undeliverable, you can enter any FROM address.

  • By using the service, you agree to our Terms of Service and those of our carriers.

We also have a Telegram group, so DM me if you would like an invite.

Peace x