Corrupted articles among Internet to advice about what to buy make me laugh

19D Ago
When I see those "experts" website that try to convince you to buy the new "Bitcoin" or other stuff I'm really laughing inside me. Like wow those people spend hours to build a website and write articles where they pretend to be "Experts". This shows how much this world is really corrupt and completely incoherent, like in Art, when you see that some painting worth millions and others a bunch of dollars. I'm so glad to be into Monero I feel superior kind of when someone argue with me what to buy and why and laugh to me when I bring Monero on the conversation, most of them will say pfff Monero will never be accepted by governement and blablabla. What a bunch of sheep...They can't understand that history is not written.. Inside me I think "Damn...those people will never start to have some balls to spread their ideas and create a better world.." Why are they so dumb or scare to see that we have the opportunity with project like Monero to have more freedom in this world ? There is so manyyyy shitcoins in the market and almost none of those tries to reflect the True crypto that is Monero. Exactly the same way that people love facebook, instagram, what's app and all these shitty apps that will never protect our privacy, they can always download telegram but noooo they prefere to have what's app because it's mainstream you know and they don't think, they love to display their phone number and get hack and persecuted. One day they will get it you think ? It's a bit sad to live in a world where the majority is always blind and can't see clearly. I just hope mentalities changes one day, I feel too lonely sometimes. Most of time I wish to have social media, but there is no way I deal with instagram, fb, what's app just because it's mainstream I hate too much Mark Zuckerberg and what he created. Social Media should be a public non marketing thing and people should be able to protect their privacy, I saw now they ask for ID on FB lmao, the day they start to ask me to create a FB because it's mandatory I burn my IDs, I mean it. I'm really happy this project exist, even if it fail one day (in the worst case) , I believe it will always be a symbol that never dies and someone will build something better or even resurrect XMR, I believe in this minority that tries to make the world a better place. Monero project is one of those few project that protect us. Thank you creators and community of Monero, I love you.