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CLI v0.15.0.0 'Carbon Chamaeleon' released!

This is the CLI v0.15.0.0 Carbon Chamaeleon' major release, which a user, service, merchant, pool operator, or exchange should run to be sufficiently prepared for the scheduled protocol upgrade of November 30 (for which more information can be found [here]( This release contains new features as well as bug fixes and performance improvements. # (Direct) download links * [Windows 64-bit]( * [Windows 32-bit]( * [Linux 64-bit]( * [Linux 32-bit]( * [Mac OS X 64-bit]( * [FreeBSD]( * [ARMv7]( * [ARMv8]( * [Android - ARMv7]( * [Android - ARMv8]( ------------------- # GPG signed hashes We encourage users to check the integrity of the binaries and verify that they were signed by Fluffypony's GPG key. A guide that walks you through this process can be found [here]( for Windows and [here]( for Linux and Mac OS X. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 This GPG-signed message exists to confirm the SHA256 sums on Monero binaries. Please verify the signature against the signature for flu...
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