Cheapest USD>XMR options outside of Kraken? Would consider fiat>other crypto>XMR.

self.Monero1m ago
I want to buy XMR with fiat (USD>XMR). I wanted to avoid KYC, but that didn't look like an viable option (P2P exchanges for USD>XMR had ridiculous markups) so I decided to go with Kraken. The plan was I would buy XMR for Kraken and withdraw into a non-custodial wallet. However, Kraken asks for your bank account username and password if you want to purchase via ACH. This is for account verification through [Trustly]( Kraken tells me Trustly is trustworthy and safe, but giving out my bank username and password is a deal breaker. I can use a credit card instead, but the [fees]( are ridiculous (3.75% + $0.25 + regular Kraken fees). I can do a wire transfer into Kraken, but my bank will charge me about $30/transfer. I'm not looking at buying enough XMR to make this worthwhile. I would also rather not hold a lot of money in an exchange. So I'm interested in other options. The more privacy the better, but I'm mostly focused on reducing fees. I would like to avoid KYC if possible, but I'm okay with reasonable KYC with a reputable company. I'm open to fiat>other crypto>XMR. Obviously, I want to avoid intermediary cryptos with high transaction fees. I would rather avoid a intermediary crypto with high volatility for the sake of my sanity and taxes. However, I'm open to all suggestions, stable coin or otherwise. I'm also okay with potentially depositing crypto into Kraken to do crypto>XMR. I don't hate Kraken, I just think they made some very bad choices for their fiat>crypto setup. Thanks.