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[CCS Proposal] - a non-custodial livestream donation service for XMR

--- layout: fr title: - a non-custodial livestream donation service for OBS author: AlexAnarcho & hundehausen date: September 16, 2020 amount: 50 XMR milestones: - name: Milestone 1 - Basic setup of webpack with monero javascript and react funds: 2% (1 XMR) done: status: unfinished - name: Milestone 2 - Working Prototype with implemented WASM wallet and front-end mockups funds: 48% (24 XMR) done: status: unfinished - name: Milestone 3 - Finished product and launch of serivce funds: 50% (25 XMR) done: status: unfinished payouts: - date: amount: - date: amount: - date: amount: --- # CCS Proposal: - a non-custodial livestream donation service for OBS ## Exec Summary []( aims to be a non-custodial service for streamers to accept and display Monero donations in their livestreams. Much like the existing solutions, this allows for an interactive experience for viewers and an easy way to monetize for the streamer. For this we use a browser based Monero WASM wallet and OBS. ## The Problem we want to solve Censorship on the internet is an ongoing issue. Big platforms like YouTube and Twitch wield godlike power when it comes to their users. Not only do they impose barriers to entry, they also deplatform at whim and destroy years of work take away steady income streams. Content creators either have to conform and self censor or change their occupation. Furthermore, streaming platforms take big chunks of the streamers income, for example Twitch Bits. Some platforms take as much as 40% of the streamers donations (Chaturbate). fixes this. ### Advantages of our solution With we enable streamers to recieve income independent of a given platform. For this we employ Monero natively in the browser. Donors send XMR directly to the streamer without as a custodian. Being build upon the Monero project, we inherit many ...
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