[CCS Proposal] - Seraphis development by dangerousfreedom

11D Ago
Hello everyone, I have opened a new [CCS proposal](https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/-/merge_requests/344) to start contributing to Seraphis and I would like to humbly ask for your support (thumbs up on gitlab and/or donations if approved). I believe I have personally built a considerable amount of knowledge regarding Monero with my past project ( [moneroinflation](https://www.moneroinflation.com) ) and I feel prepared to continue providing my work to the community in the next 4 months. I would closely work with Koe (who did all the incredible development of Seraphis up to now), rbrunner (who has a lot of experience in project management and helped developing the MMS protocol) and jberman (an experienced programmer who has been contributing a lot to Monero). I also would like to say that I'm really thankful for the help from these guys up to now and I am also looking forward to working with them :) Feel free to reach out or to drop your comments. I would love your support again and I thank you very much in advance for that.