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[CCS Proposal] Monero Defcon 27 - Audio/Video Equipment and Storage


Last year the people at Defcon were nice enough to provide us Audio/Video recording for our village, however the quality could have been better as can be seen from the videos here:

Why did the video suck and how can it be improved?

The main problem with the video quality was lighting. The ISO might have been set too high causing a grainy image with lots of noise. The proposed solution is to use a 3 point lighting technique to help lower the ISO and properly light the subject from different angles. I plan to buy the Bi-Color LED Video Light Stand Lighting Kit 3 Pack.

Another problem with the video, was audio. To improve it, I will get a Zoom H1n Handy Recorder to record the sound directly from the mixer. After Defcon, I'll import the audio and edit the videos with Shotcut. In post-production, I'm going to blur the faces of attendees if recorded by accident to protect their privacy. I will then upload the videos to Youtube. This work will be done on an unpaid basis.

In addition, I plan to set up a live video stream with Elgato Cam Link 4K and OBS. The video link will be embedded directly in the Monero village website. Stream will be broadcast in 750p/60 fps format and will connect to a HDMI Switch to have 3 feeds to switch from live (projector, camcorder A, camcorder B).

The video set up will be as follows:

The PA system

On day one we didn't have a PA system for the first few talks due to difficulties in coordinating with goons. Defcon can be hectic and it is hard getting in contact with the right people. They were able to eventually help us get one set up. It would be much better to have our own PA system set up before the talks. I suggest getting this Rockville Package PA System.

The audio set up will be as follows:

How do you plan to store all this stuff after Defcon?

Last year, the community funded the purchase of suppliesand a member that lives in Las Vegas helped with receiving packages (an in...

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