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[CCS Proposal] Fund me to spend my summer coding Monero GUI goodies (Multisig and more)


I'd like to spend my summer working part-time on Monero, primarily on the core GUI wallet with a focus on multisig.

Major feaure additions:

Easy to use 2/2 Multisig: I've already begun work on adding 2/2 Multisig support to the GUI wallet; code and discussion can be found here I'd like to spend about 75 hours (3 x 25hr weeks) making sure this is all more or less idiot-proofed. To achieve this I want to add support for exchange of the required secret data via QR code and raw text, in supplement to the current file storage/transfer scheme. 2/3 Multisig support: Once the 2/2 scheme is finished I'd like to move on to extending it to 2/3. I'd also like to investigate N-1/N and M/N but I will only promise 2/3 as it is the most popular and still only requires a fairly small amount of data to exchange, which is ideal for user-experience. I'd like to allocate a month of work to this. Reserve Proofs: In Monero it's possible to construct a cryptographic proof that you own at least some value of Monero without disclosing your private view key. Reference I personally think this is a very useful feature of Monero, especially if Monero is to be used more widely, as in life there are situations where one may be required to prove they have some amount of funds (eg applying for an appartment or visa), so offering this functionality to non-cli users is useful especially in dispelling the myth that Monero isn't auditable. This should only take about a week and a half. API Documentation: A lovely collection of C++ interfaces exist within the reference code with some of the most important wallet functionality implemented already. The core GUI wallet depends on this API as well as many other popular wallets like Monerujo and Cake Wallet. While working on the GUI wallet I've worked quite a bit with this so called wallet api and made a handful of modifications and unfortunetly there exists very little documentation for this code. Fortunately it's actually one of th...
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