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CCS Marketing Proposals

Hi. Xmrhaelan from Monero Outreach here. We’ve (happily) noticed an uptick in marketing related discussion here on Reddit and they’ve begun creeping into the CCS as well. The CCS does exist, but there are a few considerations that we ask people to make before submitting a proposal. We have outlined them [in this repo comment](, but want to reiterate this in a separate post because it could help reduce the amount of time potentially wasted AND hopefully lead to more quality proposals. We believe the following questions should serve as a starting point for all future marketing related CCS proposals. If these questions are reasonably addressed the proposals will probably be taken seriously and have a vote of confidence, at least from Monero Outreach. - Who is the person submitting this proposal? What kind of professional experience can they demonstrate so donors can be confident in their ability to complete the milestones? - Who is going to be paid to complete the milestones? The same due diligence should be done and their merit should be demonstrated before funds are requested. - What is the amount of XMR required to complete each milestone? What is the justification for each? Have quotes already been acquired from the professionals who would be doing the work? What do the quotes entail? - Can you share the design? Asking for donations to complete this kind of work without the donors seeing what sort of ad designs they’d be paying for is a recipe for disaster. Unless proposals can provide evidence of past work, designs should be shared up front and the XMR should be spent on placing (already designed) ads only. Finally, if you are not comfortable sharing your professional background then you will have to approach this as we have... Slowly. Building community confidence along the way. Or, join us and we can work together to write a better proposal for you in the future.
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