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Can we make Skepticism Sunday a part of the Monero Culture?

I really dislike /r/Bitcoin, r/Dashpay and other cryptocurrency communities because they focus so much on what is going well but completely ignore real issues, and often downvote people who bring up real issues with their coin, such as issues with fungibility. This becomes a real issue when the price goes way up and when the community size gets much bigger as less serious people become more prevalent and more vocal. I think most of us here at r/Monero currently care about having the best cypherpunk cryptocurrency as we realize that is really where cryptocurrencies derive their value/utility. In order for us to really ensure we keep those ideals, we should always look at our tech critically. We're doing a pretty good job of that now, but as we grow I suspect we'll see less and less of that and more "Moonero!!!" posts. So, I'd like for us to install a culture of being scientific, skeptical, and rational while we still can. My suggestion is to do a post each Sunday called: Skepticism Sunday. This can be upvoted and have an open, critical discussion about monero as a technology, it's economics, and so on. This will be used to mention things such as: 1. Is fungibility *really* that important? 2. Can Monero really scale if it has even less scripting than bitcoin? 3. Is StringCT + Cryptonote really the best in regards to providing cypherpunk ideals such as privacy, anonymity, trustlessness, and fungibility? We should do this because every other day we find ourselves looking at the good news that confirms our bias. You don't really benefit from finding additional examples of what agree with your understanding; it isn't going to change your behavior or mind, as you already believe it and are acting accordingly. Finding contradictory evidence, on the other hand, allows you to build a better model of reality and act more rationally, making for a better community, better cryptocurrency, and better personal investments. One video we should...
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