CakePays email requirement explained on GitHub

2M Ago
My understanding is that Cake Wallet leaks at least the following information to Cake Pay when making a purchase: Although I think Cake Pay is a huge leap forward, it would be a vast improvement if gift card purchases couldn't be linked as coming from the same user, by default. (You could of course use multiple Cake Pay accounts to prevent them from linking, which I believe is allowed; it's not very convenient though.) With the ability for them to be linked, the privacy isn't actually much better than using a credit card company (but of course Cake Pay is in a much better position to innovate it's privacy). As for IP, the user can and must use a VPN or similar to hide that, so not much Cake Wallet can do (I think?). As for email, here's my suggestion: all communication (including receipts) are sent to the app instead of email. There could be an option to automatically save or email these transactions, but these would be done locally instead of by the Cake Pay server. After this, I would suggest getting publishing an independent audit of the open source code to verify that the gift cards are no longer linkable, in case we're forgetting anything. (If it can't be verified based on the open source code, we'd need to take Cake Pay on their word that it's private.)