CakePay Europe just sucks

CakePay Europe just sucks

There was a post around last year from Cake explaining that their app, unlike bitrefill and similar services don't gather those data with creepy embedded trackers on their website

Until now I only been using the desktop CLI wallet with the swap exchanges to pay in monero when only other coins were accepted

Recently finally got myself a phone and figured I would install that app that I heavily promoted in the past to friends and such to get them started with monero without needing to be tech savvy

Few days ago lost physical wallet that had cash, debit cards and ID card in it, starting to get hungry for some actual food, yesterday did the purchase of one of those prepaid MasterCard on cakepay (Which BTW, around end of last year they did the announcement that now it was global and not USA only but it seems that still only USA is within the app itself while for Europe it's through the website)

So anyways, I guess technically it's not what would be called "shotgun KYC" but pretty much near that, the first screen selecting the card didn't have any mention of kyc and I just didn't notice it on the next screen at first when doing the purchase After further review there is in fact a mention of it only on the next screen but one could assume it's to have a name to use with the card itself, not actually having to send ID card as well (which again, lost it earlier this week)

So ended up sending them a ticket, gave them back the prepaid MasterCard hoping for a potential refund since money tight lately (tldr they don't do refund so asked for partial refund of 1/4th of the price (money that tight lately) but don't have my hopes up on that either with the greed running in the space and whales happily squeezing every last cents from others)

Luckily was able to buy some food thanks to bitrefill instead

Trocador integration within the app was pretty nice so props to cake for that

But cakepay Europe really don't have that many stores integrated unlike the other similar services and the KYC requirement with no refund to do a purchase.... Just no.


No proxy, no VPN, normal europe mobile network, asking for hard KYC:


I'm in Europe, not the UK, the MasterCard is in EURO

The UK is not part of Europe