Cake Pay Web $10 cash back: Now through Friday, get $10 crypto cash back on select cards!


Now is a great time to load up on some Cake Pay Web cards!

As a reminder, Cake Pay Web allows you to spend XMR/BTC/others on prepaid cards and gift cards in 100+ countries.

Simple instructions:

  1. Buy a qualifying card for 1000+ of USD, EUR, CAD, or GBP (not INR). Cards are sold at face value!
  2. Email [email protected] with:
    • Your Cake Pay Web email (you must email us from the same email)
    • Your Order ID(s)
    • Your XMR or BTC address for the cash back

Qualifying cards:

  • Prepaid cards (both networks, all countries)
  • Amazon (for CAD only, you need to buy cards with a value of 1500+ CAD; for other fiat currencies, it's 1000+)
  • Target

Additional notes and conditions:

  • You must buy cards with 1000+ of value (1500+ for Amazon with CAD).
  • You will get 10 USD cash back each. Maximum $250 cash back per person.
  • You must buy the card(s) after this post through Friday February 24th.
  • Your cash back will be provided on or before February 7th 27th.
  • Purchase limits and other Cake Pay Web terms apply.