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BTC<->XMR market makers wanted at TxQuick

Brief intro: Me: Founded the Litecoin Global and BTC Trading Corp exchanges in early 2012, which were not compromised and had all funds when the SEC asked me to shut it down in 2013. Over $250mm in crypto at today's values that I returned. TxQuick: ([]( My latest project - A zero custody, instant deposit / instant delivery platform similar to Shapeshift before they pissed off the regulators. So what's different about us? * Default pair is BTC->XMR. ;) * All the regulatory T's are crossed, i's are dotted. We are operating globally from our Canadian HQ. (US FinCen registration pending, NK & Iran blocked.) * Our flows are setup so that we will not have to hold or confiscate funds for suspicious behavior. We ask for anything that might be suspicious up front, and similar to an airport cash counter -don't deliver a trade unless things check out PRIOR to deposit. Basic sub-$1k trades can legally be done with just name + email address. (Higher limits coming as we develop KYC flows) * We are one of the few (maybe only?) instant delivery platforms that have a full trade engine and set of books backing the retail trades. That is to say, we keep our own set of books rather than just using another exchange's API. **With the help of a few solid market makers we expect this to allow us to offer some of the best instant delivery exchange rates out there.** * We are one of the few (maybe only?) exchanges that publicly post our crypto balances so it can be verified that we are not operating fractionally. We believe transparency is the basis of trust. * We are one of the few exchanges that take deposits directly into multisig warm wallets on nearly every currency. So we need market makers / liquidity providers to help us become the most trusted platform in the world. Benefits of doing market making on TxQuick: * No fees when providing liquidity. (no fees for makers) * Volume rebates. We profit, you profit. * Binance com...
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