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BSV just cloned OpenAlias, just without the security of DNSSec eg.: Paymail

People should never have to see long, random, unfamiliar character strings like Bitcoin addresses. People should see names that they can easily write, type or tap into a phone.

Paymail is a new identity protocol for Bitcoin that removes Bitcoin addresses from the user experience. Instead of addresses, Paymail uses human-readable names that look exactly the same as email addresses. Paymails are much easier to write, type or tap into a phone than Bitcoin addresses.

Paymail was designed and developed collaboratively by nChain, Money Button, Handcash, Centbee, and Electrum SV for the benefit of the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. Paymail is open and free to use for any application on Bitcoin (BSV).

Compatibility with Email

Paymail is fully compatible with and complementary to email addresses.

People already use email addresses as an identity system, such as the ubiquitous use of Gmail single sign-on, so we wanted to find a way to use email addresses for Bitcoin identity. Luckily, email addresses themselves are already designed in a manner that is well-suited for an identity system. Email addresses are human-readable and include a domain name which can be queried by applications.

Paymails are structured exactly the same way as an email address, with a local part (the user’s name) and a domain name. The domain name in a paymail can be assumed to have a server that is always online, making it possible to query information about or send information to a paymail owner even if the owner is not online.

Paymail can be thought of as an extension to email that adds support for Bitcoin. If Google wishes to add support for Paymail, they will be able to roll out support seamlessly for all Gmail users without interrupting service or changing any of their email infrastructure. Every Gmail user will be able to send and receive Bitcoin, and perform other advanced applications, directly from Gmail, while still being able to use Gmail as an emai...

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