Best strategy for consolidating p2pool outputs


When mining with p2pool, rewards are paid as outputs in the coinbase transaction.

p2pool represents routinely 5 to 10% of the Monero network hashrate with typical payouts being made to 100 miners for each found block.

This means that there are 100 identifiable outputs (the miners' addresses are available on the p2pool sidechain) per p2pool block found so basically, assuming p2pool is 5% of total hashrate, 50% of newly created XMRs coinbase outputs are outputs with a clearly identified address.

Consolidating those outputs becomes a challenge, because obviously a transaction whose inputs all have rings containing outputs associated with the same address is not random, and therefore it is highly probable that the resulting outputs could statistically be associated with the same address too.

What are valid options for consolidating outputs without sacrificing privacy too much?