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Be careful when sending a safe report to Exodus support!

I use the Exodus wallet which supports XMR, and was having trouble with another issue and contacted support and they asked me to include a safe report which you can generate by going to the bottom of the support tab in the app. What makes me very concerned about this "safe" report is the amount of data that is included: * All transactions associated with your address(es). * All your XPUB addresses, which you should keep private! They do not allow you to send but they allow anyone who has access to it to see every single transaction in your wallet, regardless of address rotation! For more information, follow this link: []( * Which coins you have set as your favorite. * All your current balances, including XMR! * What you have your custom node set to. If you are using a public node this should not be a problem but if you are running your own node. It will be easier to trace the IP back to you if you are running the node by yourself at your house, but it can still be traced back to you if you are using a VPS like DigitalOcean, since they store customer information. This is *way* too much information and very little is necessary for actually providing information to support! If you need to send this make sure to go through every single file and delete anything containing sensitive information. And before anyone says to use a hardware wallet, yes I really want the Ledger Nano X but can't afford it right now.
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