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Attitudes towards Monero affected by society growing used to loss of privacy

It's incredible to me how much society has let its attitudes towards privacy change over just a few decades. It's warped people's brains to the point where so many need to be deprogrammed to not feel like something private is "bad." We may be unphased by XMR hit pieces that use scary words to make it seem like it's nefarious, but it's probably quite effective on some people. **An example from pop culture showing how far societal attitudes have changed:** One indicator that came to mind is the 1995 movie S7ven. Computers and internet were certainly around, but there's a (supposedly fictional) part where a cop finds out from his SHADY FBI friend that the government was watching people who check out certain "flagged" books from the library. Brad Pitt's character asks "How is this legal!?!?" as they discuss it in hushed voices, as if it's something that the public could simply not know about. It gave him the creeps! It seemed wrong! And it was the reaction the audience in 1995 was expected to share! A loss of privacy felt "wrong." Now people feel like having any privacy is "wrong." Same people, for the most part.. just separated in time from one another. Now you have to explain to normies who "have nothing to hide" why they should care about their ISP logging their DNS queries and selling it to 3rd parties. [\_Ow]( ​ **I'm also curious if there's any examples in pop culture that show this filp in societal attitudes**
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