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Assistant for Kovri Project Management

urs a month, minimum of 3 months.

There are plenty of open issues to resolve, and I know of more to come.

Here is an example of a very small list of github recorded things I would have liked to hand off (NO REGRETS! I enjoyed the work very much. These are examples none-the-less):



As stated,, I'm rehrar. I redesigned the official website, as well as the website from its old design. I have a passion for Kovri, and, honestly, it's the reason I believe so strongly in the Monero Project.

Why should I be hired? Well, if you don't mind me telling a little story. My wife is from Russia. She lives in the USA with me but her family is still there. It seems like every day we're reading about more and more freedoms that the Russian government is taking away from their people. Even meeting peacefully to talk about stopping corruption people are getting arrested and fined. They've even recently passed laws to ban Tor and VPNs.

We worry constantly. What will they take away next? When might it become too dangerous to visit? And Russia isn't even the worst offender when it comes to stuff like this. It's all over the world.

I want to help Kovri because I believe in what it stands for. It gives people a voice. It gives people freedom. It gives people hope. Are these lofty aspirations for a little C++ I2P router? Maybe, but I'm willing to give it all I got. For my family, and for oppressed people everywhere.

Proposal & Milestones

40 hours a month, for three months, 0.35 XMR/hr for a total of 42 XMR. Milestones once a month. If we get this going ASAP I can give 20 hours for the remainder of the month of September too, bringing the total XMR to 49 for 3 and a half months.

If this goes well and everyone involved is happy with my work, we can continue. I will keep track of my hours and update the community via Kovri dev meetings on what I've been up to. My weekly tasks will be jointly decided on by anonimal and I.

Hope to lend my talents here.


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