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Assistant for Kovri Project Management

Hey everyone, it's rehrar. Got a proposition for ya.


The following was penned by anonimal:

Your position title for this FFS will be something along the lines of: "Assistant for Kovri Project Management"

You will report to: anonimal

Your work primary will include:

Being a self-starter, pro-active sub-project leader, seeing what aspects of the project are not kovri code related and taking an initiative of involvement within those aspects in order to resolve related issues (both existing and future) If you do not have the ability or authority to resolve any of these issues, you will actively seek assistance from the community to resolve said issues. Doing so will benefit us two-fold: a) the issue will be resolved b) while including more/new people into kovri/monero project development Actively monitoring kovri-related or kovri-beneficial meta repo issues, kovri-docs repo issues, and kovri-site repo issues while ensuring that all steps are taken toward resolving said issues Progress monitoring of aforementioned issues will be reported to anonimal on a regular basis. Reports will include the measures taken or needed to be taken in order to lead to issue resolution Site development Continues development on the website, even if all errors and issues are resolved; always asking, "how can this look better, feel better, and be more functional - all while promoting kovri to its fullest" /r/Kovri design moderation and upkeep Translation team manager Ensuring that the existing translation team, as well as future members, are kept up to date on English changes/updates Collaboration Working with everyone on the kovri team to resolve any of the aforementioned issues

Your work secondary will include:

Marketing Kovri promotions including setting up/arranging interviews/podcast/webcasts Ensuring an up-to-date press-kit Public awareness and education Developer outreach

We would need you for a minimum of 40 ho...

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