Anonymous Shopping Using Amazon Lockers and Monero


❌The Problem You Have:

You love Monero and privacy but it's hard to spend your Monero on physical goods and protect your privacy. Between exchanges, websites, and gift cards it seems like everyone demands your personal info if you want to shop online.

✔️The Solution:

Anon Shop allows you to spend Monero with no id, no address, no phone number or any other form of KYC or tracking. You simply tell me what you want to buy from Amazon, pay with monero, and I send the order to an Amazon locker (or hub) near you for pickup. No more worrying about an exchange leaking your information or setting up a burner phone and email address to protect your privacy. Place an order with me and you get all the convenience that Amazon offers without compromising the privacy that Monero stands for.

🤔What is The Catch?:

My service cost ~8% of your order total. I only offer free Amazon shipping, and I can't offer free 2-day prime shipping (unless you pay extra). I also can only deliver items fulfilled by Amazon. There are some more limitations listed on the faq page also.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope you have a great weekend.

I was recently on the Watchman Privacy Podcast also:

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Edit: Corrected link to Anonshop