An idea/feature for the GUI wallet

self.Monero1m ago
I thought it would be nice to camouflage the GUI wallet, so if someone sees your computer, they will not immediately understand that you have moneros. \- The idea would be, to be able to change the icon (as a Mac user I do not know if it is possible) with a neutral custom icon, like Microsoft Excel or Calendar. \- Then to change the colors inside the app in just scales of grey, without orange and without the words Monero and xmr. What do you think? Am I the only one that find it useful? If you find it ok, how would you properly ask for such a feature? Bests Edit: thanks to the comments I managed to change the icon of the app, I password protected the wallet so that there is not much to see at first. If I were a programmer I would let remove the orange and monero and xmr. Another fantastic thing would be to remove the word wallet from the password protected screen „insert password for the WALLET: xxxx“