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All U.S. banks will now never go bankrupt no matter what!

The Federal Reserve Board on March 15, 2020 announced that starting March 26, 2020, no U.S. depository bank will need to keep fractional reserves of any kind. We are talking 0% reserves. No matter how big their gambling losses in the derivative markets become (and they are rapidly piling up), they can stay in the banking business forever. U. S. Government will never shut them down. And if they should "temporarily" run short of a little cash to pay the light bill and their executive bonuses, they can confiscate all of the depositor's money with a "bail-in", no questions asked. Zero fractional reserves also allow all banks (big and small) to create an endless supply of money for themselves. There will be no control on the U.S. money supply. It's going to start "raining money" very shortly. It's going to be wonderful, just wait and see! [](
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