All MoneroTopia23 Conference Talks will be available to view for Free


After the Conf we will edit all the videos and post them on the Monero Talk YouTube channel so everyone has access to the content. This has always been how we operate. We do ALL of this for purposes of growing Monero.

That being said, we are selling a Virtual Conf ticket for those that can’t make it down to Mexico City but want to participate from the comfort of their home. You will get LIVE access to all the talks on both stages for the 3 day conference, participate in the Q&A, access to the live conference chat box, and access to watch all the talks after the conference. One stage will be for the in-person talks and the 2nd stage will be for the remote talks. You will have access to view all the talks live but since some will overlap in time-slots you will have access to all video recordings to watch what you miss.

Once again, eventually it will all be posted for free on the Monero Talk YouTube, but if you want to experience it with us live rather than waiting a few weeks for us to edit them grab a ticket here:

Use discount code “Tony” at checkout to get 21% off all Conf ticket purchases.

Purchasing the Virtual Conf ticket will also help us grow the MoneroTopia conf in the future by helping us pay the bills.

See you soon!!

Doug and Sunita

Update: Seeing people say $80 with discount code is too high. As you may know I am a sucker for hooking up anyone that has a genuine interest in Monero. We did an AMA in r/cryptocurrency the other day where we posted a 50% off discount code for 24hrs. Here is one for r/monero — use discount code xmrtopia to get 50% off virtual tickets for the next 24hrs! Have fun Monero Fam! Spread the word. 🍻