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After a Long Wait, Monero Light (and Hardware) Wallets are Arriving | BTCMANAGER

The lack of options when it comes to wallets may be offputting for newcomers to monero (XMR), but this is about to change, with light wallets reaching their final stages and Ledger will give users the chance to store XMR in a hardware wallet.

For a long time, Monero users have relied on the official Graphical User Interface and Command Line Interface wallets, with no mobile or hardware support. But that is changing. While development is going strong for Monero, public interest is not as high as it could be. Many people wonder how they can safely store and spend the cryptocurrency.

There was hope that Jaxx would integrate monero into their blockchain wallets, but in February 2017, the company announced it would cease its efforts. Di Iorio, the founder of Jaxx, cited difficulties in obtaining the required information to build a light wallet, as the privacy-focus meant that basic operations like asking a node for information were not possible.

Since other altcoins are built on the same foundation as Bitcoin or Ethereum, adding a wide range of cryptocurrencies is not to difficult. But because Monero is unique in that it is based on the CryptoNote protocol and there is not much documentation to lend a helping hand, it has been more difficult to introduce the cryptocurrency to popular wallets like Jaxx or Coinomi.

Jaxx based its work on the graphical user interface wallet, MyMonero, but as a web wallet, it is susceptible to phishing scams. Eventually, Di Iorio announced the integration would be halted.

Have a question regarding @jaxx_io decision to halt @monerocurrency integration? Ask away, I'll respond to those I can answer or desire to. — Anthony Di Iorio (@diiorioanthony) February 2, 2017

Fast forward to September 2017, and there is hope again for wallets to support wider adoption. On September 2, the bounty for a light wallet meeting various conditions was claimed by the creator of the Andro...

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