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Advice for running a full Monero node in the cloud

Hello all I hope you are doing very well. I need to run a full node in the cloud. It should be used only for transactions not storing keys. I am looking a Cloud Provider that can allow me: 1. Install and run the full node in the cloud including highest internet speed and enough storage space. 2. Payment options only in Crypto. 3. Keep Minimum information about me, the client. 4. Strong against cyber-attacks. 5. To trust in them so they just simply DON'T shut down or spy my server. That's all. I would be very glad about your advicing. Have a great day ahead cryptofriends.
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Down with Legal Tender | Friedrich A. Hayek

It is no exaggeration to say that history is largely a history of inflation, and usually of inflations engineered by governments and for the gain of governments.