About cryptocurrencies (My own research)

self.Monero8m ago
Hello guys! I've just wanted you to know that I've been doing my own research since the beginning of the last year about cryptocurrencies; and today I've published in my GitHub account what I learn so far. I consider my approach a little different from what I've been reading (from my perspective, I was reading too much about technical details about how cryptos and Monero works; but I thought there was a lack of economic theory behind it). In this research, I write from history of money, the argentine case of a failed economy, to some technical aspects of cryptocurrencies, and some proposal to implement cryptocurrencies (being Monero the best candidate for it). Unfortunately, to the non-spanish speakers this is written in spanish (my native language) but I plan to translate it in english in the future. ​ Despite that, I leave the link to my [GitHub account](https://github.com/prodezzargenta/about-cryptocurrencies) for you to download it from the source. It's 780 pages long, and I've uploaded both .tex and .pdf files. If you want to do a fork to translate it in another language, feel free to do it (and letting me know cause I'm kinda new to GitHub haha)