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A message regarding the v0.17.1.9 release was just posted on the mailing list!

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 Dear participants of the Monero ecosystem, Recently, we have observed (honest) nodes being the subject of a memory exhaustion attack. Additionally, misbehaving (malicious) nodes are still present on the network. The recently published v0.17.1.9 release includes multiple patches for the memory exhaustion attack as well as various mitigations to curb the behavior of the misbehaving (malicious) nodes. (CLI) (GUI) We strongly encourage upgrading as soon as possible to greatly improve node reliability. If any assistance is required, feel free to contact the Monero dev community at #monero (freenode - IRC). Kind regards, The Monero dev community -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAEBCAAdFiEEgaxZH+nEtlxYBq/D8K9NRioL35IFAl//CxAACgkQ8K9NRioL 35KMShAAs3rmoFcA+HBVEA/VtdvCiQKqhizJahE/UAbqYx14uO3bInKUoRiW1mBx EQDJL0GGn4OD/3zqNJKwGmSK3LF8TIOwU8zm+CZpE7o7nXN+VKyEeDqFcetbmqzU zIS7QzHno0Wc8Hp0EY7OcOoQiNu2dNXEvWFFsEQyvXHNoxhhpjFrYJzeAG0YGGDL 6QTAKcvP3ks29EvOXs3a4fJqSJZE96YvFp5XzLxB8keKMxyX2PaAAsFnkS+CNxkE +dkN4hbBrAA8lhOeQv3g+8FELMCdo+35J3ZGL4KGDDN/D1xU/IGbFP0orabj1e9m Vtg2L0FZwyAdHRD88f3BPnTgr898U+Ym+L9YGixdXfBe9or5Tnh1PhOT3fol7Eef qfyWNJMG95Zb3UDamBGENu0SiRulVtZ3vRv9g5y2iTf1wAqWr9swwj2tBEuGyQks 8tbPrEtz6e7weq1N4wY3vlFIS9Vj1HV/rBTSR21MuV/6w4W/eSBNPEwYMPmQ3BMH RYZ9TRhZU7a5JEyYce6FQ5gVCzl26mx8bx1mkNH4tV9MtfVX5Rewp0AYGKOf6HLH 2BGGM1GTojHYnFM9fsrwOuRc+nNv2VNhA5MrkRuqV5ygZh6CkDRrKZu8nRNNPGww cafewN6aCq2A/lZ5ZEJFIO1BW+Z1iA+nbncmPFnGqACb/Uycr/k= =IcdX -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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