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A message from the Core Team about the General Fund

A message from the Core Team about the General Fund

Posted by: The Core Team

December 03, 2019

Administration of the General Fund

The Core Team as a group has existed from the very early days of Monero, and its responsibilities have evolved over the years. For a write up of the responsibilities that the team considers itself responsible for nowadays (that is, trusted by the community to take care of), see These responsibilities tend to diminish as the project moves forward and some structures are changing; for instance, reproducible builds are a big step forward to provide binaries to the community without having to blindly trust any of us.

A responsibility that remains fully in our hands is to administer and/or escrow financial donations to the project. In practice it means:

escrowing and arbitrating the Community Crowdfunding System (CCS), and stewarding the General Fund (GF), spending funds as the team sees fit for the advancement of Monero.

It is important to note that none of this is a forced monopoly. Anyone who does not trust the team’s arbitration can easily raise funds the way they want, the CCS software being even open source this is technically trivial. Similarly, anyone could set up their own general donation fund and administer it as they see fit, including hosting it on a different website than

The CCS has clear rules (, so the arbitration we offer is as predictable as possible and donations can be sent to various proposals with confidence that the mechanisms are clear both for donors and recipients.

The General Fund on the other hand is more loose, the principle being simply that the funds are spent for the advancement of Monero, at the dis...

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