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A Lawyer from Blockchain Legal believes that Monero can effectively resist to regulations.

A lawyer from the Czech Republic that works behind a law firm related to cryptocurrency ( thinks that Monero is one of the currency that can effectively resist to (state) regulations. Moderator: "Which cryptocurrency do you think has the most chance to resist (state) regulations?" Answer: "I find it easiest to answer - Monero..." Answer: "Monero can resist mostly because the parallel structure it has (network/nodes [in more crypto-friendly countries], community, technology) and that's why a country won't be able to properly regulate it" Answer: "Or it may really be kicked to the edge (almost entirely, but not entirely), someone (a state/country) will say "ban all anonymous crypto", but personally I think the technology here is really good so that it will keep working no matter what and also transaction tracing here is pretty complicated so..."
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