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XMR · 25w

2019 StackExchange Moderator Election


I have been a member of Stack Overflow for over 5 years, an active member of > 12 sites and our main Meta. I am also a core Charcoal member. On sites where I have over 200 reputation I have a total of over 43 gold, 140 silver, and 521 bronze badges and over 30K Flair reputation. I also have over another 280 badges on the other child meta sites.

I lead by example and would feel privileged to assist with moderation, leaving it to our community to decide the direction of our site, intervening only when duty calls.

Despite having a low reputation on this site I am active on the network, visiting a few times a day. I have the time available to review flags and can assist new users with their questions and answers.

My Candidate Score on our main Meta is 13/40 and I have 274 reviews.

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