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0.00 Balance - What am I doing wrong?

I purchased about $85 of Bitcoin on Coinbase and used ShapeShift to convert that to Monero this evenening \- this is the second time I've done this, the first time everything worked flawlessly. Within 10 or so minutes, ShapeShift told me the transaction was finished, and shortly thereafter the balance appeared in my wallet in the Monero GUI. After another 10 minutes, the balance was unlocked, and I began the process of sending that money to another wallet; I *did not*, however, click Send. In fact, the button never turned orange. While jumping between pages to copy/paste the receiving address and figure out why the GUI wouldn't let me initiate the transaction using the Payment ID I was given, my balance and unlocked balance returned to 0.00 \- which is what this particular wallet began the evening at. *No other transaction has shown up in my history in the GUI, and I can see and verify my ShapeShift transaction on the blockchain.* It's worth mentioning that funds haven't arrived in the intended destination wallet either. With that said, what did I do wrong and how do I fix it? The only thing I've tried so far is restarting the wallet GUI. I'm running it on a Macbook with the entire blockchain synchronized locally on the SSD, and so far as I can tell, I'm running the latest version of the client. I also manually checked that I was fully synched, as well as renamed the local wallet file '\-old' and restarted the GUI to force a wallet refresh \- so far, still nothing. Update: By changing the wallet creation height in GUI it re\-synched my wallet and the funds have reappeared.
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