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My thoughts, valuation potential comparable to NEM or Litecoin

I have been eyeing monacoin for a couple of months now, just invested in it. i've been to japan like 5 times, and if you understand the culture and see how the government has embraced crytpocurrencies as an actual real-world use currency, then you will see that this coin is undervalued. Here are just some of my thoughts, i wanted to share with you all. This is not financial advice, just my personal thoughts, take this lightly please. 1. Japanese governments have recently licensed a bunch of exchanges so it is very easy to convert from Fiat to crypto. Exchanges only list a handful of coins. If you look at coinmarket cap, on the front top 100 page, you can only see the volume on bittrex(currently arnd USD16mil), but if you look into the exchange pages, you can see that roughly USD 80mill is still not shown on the main landing page. I still have yet to see the volume from bitflyer accounted for. Checkout the link below. There is insane volume on this coin, and I would only expect it to grow more. 2. I have not confirmed this directly, but from various articles, this coin is accepted already as a form of payment, same as bitcoin also. What is interesting is it is accepted in the electronics district of Akihabara -> think of this as a market with a bunch of smaller Gamestops, Bestbuys, Circuit Cities, Arcades etc. all located around each other. Compared to other coins in the top 100 that are speculative, this is obviously real world value. 3. There is little marketing outside of Japan, but within Japan there is a huge following, and as i also saw in an earlier reddit post, Japan brands survive and thrive (Sony Xperia). What about valuation? If we can get consistent trading volume in Japan of over USD 50mil, I think eventual target Litecoin-NEM valuation is a good comparable market cap right at around USD 1.9 - USD 2.2 billion. It's not going to happen overnight, but i think it to be reasonable. Remember, just m...
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