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Will MOAC replace the location of Ethereum in the future?

For digital currency, I honestly say that I am not a faithful believer. Making money is my first and simplest idea. Since the beginning of this year, the entire digital currency market has been in a downturn, which gives me enough time to study the reliability of each project and the potential for future development. When the MOAC project came to my attention, it was at the end of last year, when I did not pay much attention to this project. When I got to know it, I was deeply attracted by MOAC. The MOAC project has not been known by a few people from the beginning, and has become a popular investment currency, and it can be seen that its road to success has come a little bit. The advantages of MOAC are as follows: 1. Slice processing acceleration The system contract of the main chain manages the generation, fragmentation, and distribution of sub-chains. The innumerable logical sub-chains separated by MOAC make parallel computing possible and greatly increase the processing speed. 2. Cross-chain interworking Through the asynchronous smart contract to block the block, MOAC can perform atomic cross-chain operation on the blockchain with different time of block generation, and become the underlying blockchain chain with cross-chain capability. There are still many advantages that are not mentioned in one example. These features are ahead of the Ethereum project, and the current Ethereum channel is very congested and expensive. I used to be a holder of Ethereum, but I am now more and more convinced that MOAC will surpass it in the future, and MOAC will be as great as Bitcoin.
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